July 7 2019: Jewell Lab participates in terrific meeting hosted by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology” on the topic of “The Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphorylation: Mechanisms to Therapeutics”, in Palm Springs California.



June 9 2019: Jenna Jewell is invited by Brendan Manning and Ethan Weiss to give a talk at the American Diabetes Association conference in San Francisco on the topic of “mTOR Signaling in Cellular and Systematic Metabolism”.


Thank you Brendan and Ethan for the invitation to the successful conference!!



June 6 2019: Thank you Roshanak Irannejad and Natalia Jura for hosting Jenna Jewell for a talk at the University of California, San Francisco. It was a great visit!



September 23 2018: Jewell Lab attends FASEB SRC Small GTPases in Membrane Processes: Trafficking, Autophagy, and Disease. National Conference Center, Leesburg VA and Washington DC.



August 24 2018: Jewell Lab attends Phosphate On - Phosphate Off Symposium. Celebrating Science with Jack Dixon, Tony Hunter, and Susan Taylor.



July 22, 2018: Jewell Lab attends the FASEB protein kinase conference in Snowmass Colorado.



June 13, 2018: Congrats to GDD student Chase Melick for advancing to a PhD candidate and receiving a fellowship!